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Both Karen and Bride are originally from London and for the past 4 years have been working on a new act to show the world their extraordinary talents! They have worked as a duo in the hotels in the Canary Islands while preparing this new act. They now live in Spain and are ready to show the world their unique act.


acrobats from Spain

1995 solo contortion act touring with Teatro Lido in Spain.
1997 adagio/contortion attraction Benidorm palace
1998 contortion act casinos in Portugal
2000 onwards hotels and night clubs in Japan Korea contortion act
2003 onwards hotels and night clubs in turkey and the Canary Islands

Started working as a child and did my first TV show when i was 12 for bbc1 as a contortion act.
Done too much stuff to remember.
1989 - 1994 night clubs in Spain Greece Israel as part of acrobatic comedy act.
1995 night clubs in Spain Canary Islands casinos in Portugal as contortion act
2000-2002 Lanzarote
2003 Gran can aria and various shows in Spain various television shows in the UK bbc1 iTV channel 4
TV commercials for W H Smith and British telecom



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