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Anton is from Russia and performs worldwide

Hula Hoop performer

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Hula Hoop performer

Anton began his career in the act at the age of 10 under the
guidance of his parents Tatiana and Alexander .
Before his first performance Anton had passed a hard and thorny
way 5 years long. During that tense period he was working at
his physical form, choreographic training and, of course, at his
main specialization - acting with hula-hoop.

Hula Hoop performer

Anton's success developed and increased while he was
working at the most famous variety 'Tiger - Palast - Variety' in
Germany. There Anton got his scenic nickname 'Lord of the Ring'
which is confirmed by Anton's ability to turn rapidly rings with
his legs and other parts of his body. All Anton's craft has
developed into unique and effective tricks with hula - hoop
combined with not modern, but ultra-modern choreography.

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