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Lives in the USA and performs worldwide

Jena Carpenter is a professional circus performer based out of Los Angeles

Solo Contortion Hand-Balancing - available to be performed on a 4'5" diameter circular table with sockets for hand-balancing canes, or requires a platform for best viewing.

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Duo Hand-to-Hand Adagio

Duo Hand-to-Hand Adagio -
a romantic sensual duo hand-to-hand act which can be customized to fit the theme of any event! Jena and Sagiv have been performing together since 2001, and with their wide array of skills, bring excitement, power, and beauty to any entertainment venue! We prefer to perform on a platform no smaller than 6' by 6', but can make it work in most spaces with or without one.


Solo Aerial Silks

Solo Aerial Silks
this act can be customized to fit whatever mood your event requires, from fast and acrobatic, to slow and sensual.

Duo Aerial Silks

Duo Aerial Silks (girl/girl or girl/guy) -
This act can be performed on one or two silks.With two silks, the act includes synchronized moves and drops with each partner on their separate silks, and a section with both partners on one silk climbing, entwining, and hanging on each other.

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