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Adagio - Hand to Hand

are from Finland and are International performers

Hand to Hand duo

Watch a quick time movie of this Hand-to-Hand act

Hand-to-Hand Act

The passion Pauliina and Slava felt towards each other and towards circus arts developed into a contemporary hand-to-hand act.
Slava, the former World Champion of Sports Acrobatics, conveyed his rock solid technical foundation into the act, as Pauliina, the lithe aerialist from Finland, brought in her innovative choreography and body movement. The inspiration for the number came mostly from their relationship, the union between a man and a woman. Through handstands, poses, and figures they express sensitivity, trust, and balance. Sometimes the traditional harmony shatters as Pauliina, 50kg, supports Slava, 80kg. Or when he holds her by standing only on his neck. But above all their act is an expression of love—it is a true-life fantasy.

Pauliina and Slava have performed on four different continents for more than 120 million live and TV spectators. Their most precious engagements include Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria, Good Morning America TV-show, and now they are also acting in a movie Circus Fantasticus by Staragara productions.

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Pauliina is a world class aerialist from Finland

Watch a Quicktime movie of of this Hand-to-Hand act

Pauliina’s Solo Trapeze

Pauliina Rasanen, a Flying Finn, studied her difficult technical figures under Mr. Victor Fomine in National Circus School of Montreal. After graduation, she adopted her number into the Cirque du Soleil’s Alegria.
       “When I swing sky high on the trapeze, I hope the public experiences a sense of freedom and playfulness, as they did when they were playing on the swing set as children. Instead of feeling terrified for the dangerous height, I hope this sensation of freedom outweighs their fear. After spending a decade on the trapeze, I perform the tricks lightly and gracefully as in a dream.”
       Pauliina’s act combines high-level pirouettes and salto set to a beat of music. Her fair skin and costume enhance the ethereal sensation radiating from her. It is a display of Finnish stamina, coordination, and elegance.


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