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Diana and Yuri are from the Germany and are International performers

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ADAGIO ON UNICYCLE - this is a unique combination of acrobatic high performance and elegant dancing on a UNICYCLE. Poetical images are carrying the audience away into a wonderful love story, interpreted on a modern, inimitable highly artistic level. Motion of the artists and the unicycle are melting into a fantastic choreography. You would be amazed and perplexed to watch how the dancing artists seem to forget about difficulties of balancing on the Unicycles. This performance, showered with elite awards, is not only a great esthetical treat, but also a unique acrobatic show.


Yury Shavro was born on June 6, 1973 in Zaporojie, Ukraine. Ukraine was then part of the Soviet Union, and Yury has a Russian citizenship. At age nine, he enrolled in the Youth Circus of Prilyki, where he began serious circus training: in the Soviet Union, youth circuses—or “amateur circuses,” as they were called—trained their students at a level quite unheard of in Europe and North America. He remained at the Youth Circus until 1989. The following year, he was accepted into the State Circus College of Kiev, the second most important circus school in Soviet Russia (after the one in Moscow). He graduated in 1994 as an acrobat on unicycle.


Diana Aleschenko was born on September 4, 1975 in Rostov-on-Don, Russia (although she is citizen of Ukraine). In 1986-87, she studied ballet in Moscow, but found her true vocation at the Youth Circus of Kiev, which she joined in 1988. Four years later, she was accepted at the State Circus College of Kiev, where she graduated in 1994 as a hand-balancer and an acrobat on unicycle. While studying in Kiev, she met Yury.






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