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Maxim and Ekaterina

are from Russia and are International performers

Aerial, Solo and Duo strap

Aerial performers from Russia

Watch a Duo Straps video

Maxim also does a solo straps act

See their Adagio act

Aerial performers from Russia

Maxim Romanov (27 years old) has been doing professional sports since he was 5 years old. He graduated from the Sport Olympic school and became master of sports (world-class athlete). He took part in different contest in Russia and Europe.
Since 1993-2000 constantly became the prize-winner in “Championships of Russia’s South region”. Since 2000 Maxim has being working in circus. He worked in various acts .
2000-2002 Circus "Krone" (Germany)
2003 Circus "Roncalli",Berlin,Tempodrom.
2004 Bronze place in World festival (Paris,Bouglione)
2004-2008 Aerial gymnast, Italy and Russia(Moscow).
Maxim also has diploma as sport coach and he works as acrobat instructor with ballet dancers.

Aerial performers from Russia

Ekaterina Romanova (24 years old) has been doing ballet since she was 4 years old. She graduated Youth ballet school when she was 15. After Ekaterina had practice in Moscow choreography troupe .
In 2000 she graduated from Moscow Secondary school magna cum laude(with high distinction).
Since 2000-2005 she was a student in State Academy of Slavonic Culture.
In 2005 Ekaterina took a diploma of high education as professional ballet dancer & choreographer. At the same time she worked in Moscow state Academy theatre of dance “Gzhel”.

Ekaterina an Aerial performers from Russia

Aerial performers from Russia


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