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To submit your act fill the form out below and follow the directions. By submitting your act you are not garanteed to be listed on our site.

By submitting your details you are bound by Zoom Enteratinments operating proceedures and rules. We will endevour to find suitable work for you.

We do not accept movies. Must have your videos hosted on You Tube or similar. We will retrieve them from there. Please submit pictures ( up to 5 MB in total) via this form and documents about your act.

If you are serious about being included on the site you will provide quality images and words about your act. Do not try and submit movies as you will get an error message. Submit your link to your video as posted on the web.

We are so busy, just have a look first if your act fits in with what we do. We deal with elite performers and if you are not, don't bother.

Good Luck!


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Submit Biography A well written description of your Act. Please include whether you are GST registered and are you covered by Public Liability and Indemnity Insurance If you have a song repertoire please include it.All in one file! Do not submit the songs, they will be rejeted. Submit a link to your detail on the internet.

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